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Bark! Pet Resort is thrilled to provide fun, safe and convenient doggie daycare and boarding to the Grand Strand of South Carolina.

We established Bark! to change the status quo of traditional dog boarding. We are passionate about our loyal companions and designed the facility to be inviting, comfortable and beautiful. A place we would enjoy staying!

We are pleased to offer the latest in private boarding suites (no chain link), large indoor and outdoor play areas with water features and play equipment, webcams to watch your loved ones during their stay with grooming and a full service spa in our newly renovated 8000 + square foot facility.

Our compassionate and caring staff is Pet Tech certified in pet CPR and first aid. All members undergo training in dog behavior to ensure the safety of the dogs and people alike.

Our goal is to provide a place that celebrates the bond between people and dogs. To unconditionally love and care for our dogs as much as they love us.





Daycare Full Day


Bark! Pet Resort (BPR) is a Premier Doggie Daycare that provides a safe, and exciting day for your beloved dog. Through games and activities, we stimulate both mind and body of our four legged guests. Doggie Daycare is a great opportunity for your dog to socialize and exercise with other friendly dogs in a safe, supervised, crate-free environment. They are able to run free and play in our 8,000 +sq ft facility always under the careful watch of our trained staff. We have two outdoor play areas.  Our original play area is over 1,500 sq ft of fenced in open space, equipped with jungle gyms to climb on, doggy pool to dip in and resting spots. Our second play area, Bark! 40 is over 2,200 sq ft with natural grass and trees. There are so many things to sniff and so much room to play. Let’s face it, dog’s love to be outside! Whether they’re on the playground, taking a dip in our doggie pool, they all enjoy the freedom of the open outdoors.

At BPR, we are aware of the guilt and anxiety you feel for leaving your dog home alone for the day. Whether it’s from loneliness, boredom or destructive behavior, we understand because we have been there. Our goal is to entertain your dog all day long so he goes home to you happy and well exercised. While you are at work or away from home, it is our pleasure to step in to provide the attention and stimulation that all dogs desperately need and deserve. 

We provide the ultimate care for your dog while encouraging proper behavior throughout their stay. We understand the importance in responding to inappropriate behavior quickly and consistently. We want every dog to learn to play in a fun and safe way that is not overwhelming or intimidating for other dogs in the playgroup. Any needed behavior modification is corrected immediately through voice tone, body language and positive reinforcement. All dogs must pass a temperament evaluation prior to enrolling in daycare to ensure non-aggressive behavior.

Daycare/Boarding Evaluation :

All new dogs must pass an onsite temperament evaluation prior to scheduling daycare visits. Since all dogs are off-leash and cage-free in the play areas, aggressive dogs are not accepted.* Once the evaluation is passed, they are officially invited into The Bark! family and are always welcome as our guest, whether it is for daycare or over night sleepovers. Temperament evaluations are conducted by appointment only. Please call to schedule an appointment (843) 299-0122.

*Dogs classified as bully breeds: While bully breeds are known for being loyal and fun companions, their style of play is not always suitable for the daycare environment. We have strict policies on bully breeds and daycare at Bark Pet Resort. Many daycares ban all bully breeds regardless of individual temperament. We do not feel a ban is necessary but we do take precautions.

To be accepted into daycare and boarding bully breeds must show good self control, not be rude or space invasive to people and have good knowledge of the following commands; sit, leave it and come, in addition to the regular requirements. During the first part of the evaluation all bully breeds must demonstrate these commands with their owner. If your dog has a hard time with this we will recommend training after which we may do another evaluation day to determine if daycare may be right for your dog.

Bully breeds tend to become quickly over stimulated and escalate situations. For this reason they will be allowed to play for short periods of time followed by rest periods that allow their arousal level to decrease.

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